Russian Dolls is an NFT (non-fungible token) collectible. The first drop was released on Rarible in 2021 March 10. 


We all in one way or another know about the Matryoshka toy. Matryoshka is a souvenir toy. A symbol of home, warmth and security. And also the secrets hidden within.

This toy is a symbol of my childhood. She was in almost every house in the post-Soviet space. It is called differently, in my area it is Matryoshka. But everyone knows her as a Russian doll.

The modern interpretation of the doll provides endless space for the creativity of contemporary artists. In the field of NTF, the matryoshka serves as a canvas on which you can depict your vision and create your own unique art. Thus, it became possible to give this toy a new life and to consolidate this symbol in the digital space.

We are a verified creator at Rarible, please make sure you only buy and bid the items minted by us only. The only account is https://rarible.com/cryptorussiandolls and the collection account is https://rarible.com/crd

You can identify our page with a yellow tick icon next to our avator and wallet address: 0x35167422d6f7864bd039631d9913e8c4fa7b279e

and a verified Twitter ID @DollsMatryoshka